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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Audition [] Registration Form

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 or Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is open for All Including Commoners of the Country. In the First Season of Bigg Boss Telugu we have seen Only the Celebrities Contestants have Participated in a Show. Now, For the First Time the Gates of Bigg Boss 2 are Open for the Celebrities and Commoners Contestants. Have a Look at the Instructions on How to do Registration on website. Here's How It Looks. do Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Audition Registration online on Form mentioned.

formIf you are 18 Years or Above Age Person, then you are Most welcome for the Auditions. Please do read all the Terms and Conditions mentioned below, before going for the Bigg Boss Telugu Auditions.

After Going to the Registration website, you will be Prompted with the Registration Form as mentioned in Image. Before Submitting Your Audition Video, You Must Read the Terms and Conditions Mentioned Here.

Duration of the Audition Video: The maximum duration of the video shall be 3 (three) minutes and not more than 50 mb in size. Any video more than 3(three) minutes or 50 mb in size will be rejected

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Audition 2018

The following  terms and conditions  (“Terms and Conditions”) govern  the entire process for Auditions (as defined below) as detailed herein for participation in the Program  and shall be binding  on each participant (“Participant”, “Contestant”, “Your” and/or  “You”) residing and a citizen of India  and who is of  18 years and above as  on 04th May, 2018 , who meets the eligibility criteria as enumerated hereinafter and who voluntarily desire to participate in the Auditions hosted by SIPL for the purpose of selection  and participation of Participants  in the Program.

Audition means different levels comprising of Level 1 and level 2 of the selection process of the Auditions TO BE CONDUCTED THROUGH THE WEBSITE as detailed herein, to be conducted inter alia in the manner as set out herein during the  AUDITION Period which the Participant(s) is required to qualify for the  further Levels and pass for participating in the Program.

Audition Periodshall commence from 6th May, 2018 at 00:00 hours (“Opening hours”) and shall continue until 10th May, 2018 at 23:59 hours or such period as determined at the sole discretion of SIPL (“Closing hours”) . The Audition Period may be extended and/or modified at the sole discretion of SIPL and the same shall be updated on the  Website at the discretion of SIPL and the Participants shall be responsible to keep themselves updated by checking the Terms and Conditions / any amended terms and conditions with respect to any change /modification made in the terms thereof and any and all such modifications shall apply to all the Participants

Show Player(s)” means the selected Participant(s) who are selected through the process of the Audition to participate in the Program

All the final selected Participants shall be required to execute an agreement or sign a form containing terms and conditions as required by SIPL before permitting the participation in the Show. SIPL may announce another Participant in place of the originally shortlisted entries, if:

the documents or details of the Participant are not correct in the opinion of SIPL; or

documents so required are incomplete, misleading or untrue;

the documents, including the driving license, PAN card, Aadhar card, passport, VISA, etc. required for the purpose of participation in the Show are invalid, expiring or not acceptable in the opinion of SIPL or;

the Participant does not sign the confidentiality, release letter, no objection certificate and/or any other documents required, if any, by SIPL in relation to the Show


In order to participate in the Auditions, the Participant can register themselves by visiting and registering through the Bigg Boss Telugu website (“Website”)and following the registration process as displayed therein and submitting the Audition Video in the manner as prescribed hereinafter

Upon entering into the aforementioned Website, a registration form shall be displayed requiring the Participant to fill in all the relevant and necessary details as stated and enumerated hereinbelow and upon submitting Audition Video (as mentioned hereinafter) on Website, in accordance with the requirements and criteria as laid down for the Auditions herein, the Participant agrees to have read and understood all the terms and conditions for participation in the Auditions and hereby agrees to abide by the same

The Participant shall be required to complete the registration process by entering into website and by entering all the details/fields that are marked as “mandatory fields” that shall include

Name, Date of Birth * Age*, Gender [M/F/Other]*, Mobile No*, City*, Email*, Address*, Nationality*, Occupation*, Qualification*, Languages Spoken*, Other Details like: Emergency No. – Contact Person - Why do you want to be on the show * etc.

Video * -

The Participant shall be required to enter details in any other field as displayed on the  Website and after filling in all the required details the Participant shall upload / submit the Audition Video under the relevant submit Audition Video tab in accordance with the terms hereof. * marked fields are mandatory fields

Thereinafter the Participant(s) shall upload one (1) video   an audiovisual video  of  himself / herself, comprising of a  minimum duration of 120seconds  and maximum duration  of 180seconds  (hereinafter referred to as “Audition Video(s)”) on the Website in accordance with the terms and conditions  more particularly set out therein.

It is mandatory to submit the Audition Video that features the Participant and failure to submit the Audition Video/s as required hereinabove shall be considered as an invalid entry

Bigg Boss Telugu Registration -


The Audition video should be an introduction about the Participant viz: (i) where you're from; (ii) your personality, your experiences, or how it may help you do well on the Program and any other information like your job, talk about your job and how those skills may help you win the Program, etc. (‘Audition Video’)

Duration of the Audition Video: The Participant shall ensure that the maximum duration of the video shall be 3 (three) minutes.   Any video more than 3 (three) minutes will be rejected

Size of the Audition Video - The Audition Video needs to be maximum 50 mb in size

Post completion  of the uploading  of the Audition Video on the Website by  the Participant, an OTP will be sent to  registered email-id and mobile number submitted  by the  Participant(s)  as part of his/her Personal  Information/ registration  details . The Participant  will be required  to mention the OTP (One Time Password) received on their email-id and/or Mobile Number within a permitted time as mentioned therein and accept the declaration mentioned therein, post which click the submit button. Upon successful the Participant(s) would receive an acknowledgment on his / her registered email-id/mobile no.,  , In the event the Participant fails to  verify /authenticate   the validity  of his/her email –id / mobile no. or validate the OTP  during such email/mobile verification by Star  ,the email  id / mobile no. shared  by  the Participant  is  found to be false  and /or unauthenticated  and /or fabricated ,then STAR shall  have the right to  forthwith disqualify the Participant from further participation and his /her Entry shall immediately be considered  to be null and void

The Participant(s) agrees and undertakes that all personal information, provided by them at the time of registration is true, correct, and accurate. The Participant (s) by uploading the Audition Video (s)  on the Website hereby represents, covenants and declares that (i)the Audition Video is original and is performed/sung  by the Participant, (ii) the Audition Video (s) does not and will not constitute any infringement of copyright or any right of privacy, or rights in any other form of intellectual property, or any other personal or property right whatsoever of any person or entity, or constitute a libel or slander, or hurts the  religious sentiments of people worldwide or be  defamatory of any person deceased or alive,  or blasphemous  in its content and that he/she  fully owns and controls  all rights and interests including all intellectual property rights  in the Audition Video (s)such material and all rights therein and that no other person or party has right or interest in the Audition Video  as a co-owner, partner, mortgagee, charge holder or otherwise howsoever, (iii) the Video(s) shall not expose the Company to civil and/or criminal proceedings  and /or claims of any nature whatsoever , (iv) the Audition Video(s) are not subject to any lien, charge, or any other encumbrance whatsoever, (v) the Participant has not granted any rights in the Audition Video(s) to the prejudice of any rights granted to the Company hereunder, (v) the Audition Video(s) is not violative of or in contravention of any applicable laws, (v) all necessary licenses and permissions required for the utilization of the Audition Video(s) for the purpose of the Auditions have been secured by the Participant  in accordance with the  existing Terms and Conditions and applicable laws without  any recourse  to SIPL . In the event the publishing of the Audition Video(s) is assessed to be prohibited in any manner and /or considered to be inappropriate due to moral, political or religious reasons or any reason whatsoever, STAR hereby have the right to at their discretion to edit/ remove/cut the contentious portion and re-publish such Audition Video(s) or reject the Audition Video(s) altogether, and the Participant agrees not to object to the same. The Participant(s) must ensure that no false and/or misleading statements are made by him/her and that he/she does not refer to any commercial product and/or service in the Entry/ Audition Video. The Participant further agrees and confirms that the Company is entitled to reject the Entry of the Participant in the event that the details submitted by the Participant at the time of registration are deficient, incorrect, untrue, or found wanting in any respect

The Participant agrees and undertakes that the Entry/ Audition Video submitted by him /her is in good taste, not obscene, vulgar, libelous, defamatory, derogatory or objectionable, insulting, annoying, denigrating women or children, depicting violence etc

Participant further agree and undertake that  he /she  shall not host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any information and /or upload  or submit Audition Video that:

belongs to another person and to which the Participant does not have any right to;

is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, pornographic, pedophilic, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever;

harm minors in any way;

infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights;

violates any law for the time being in force;

deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of such messages or communicates any information which is grossly offensive or menacing in nature;

impersonates another person

contains software viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource, including harming recipient’s computers/system/servers etc;

threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nation. For avoidance of doubt, Participant agrees that STAR has the right to remove any such material/Entry which breaches any of the terms of these Terms and Conditions and the Participant shall not be entitled to object to the same

For purposes of the Auditions, logging onto the Website in the manner as stated hereinabove , furnishing the personal information  and filling in the registration form in the mode and manner as prescribed therein, mandatorily uploading  the Video on the  Website on the terms stated herein,  shall be considered as a complete and valid entry (“Entry” or “Entries”). Any incomplete Entry will be disqualified and the Participant  shall  be intimated via email to submit a valid Entry and the aforementioned process shall follow. For the avoidance of doubt, if the Participant(s) fails to provide the OTP and/or upload  the Video on the  Platform or provides  a fake email  id or fails to furnish Personal Information or if the Video is less than the minimum duration  or more than the maximum duration  stated herein, then his/her Entry shall be considered incomplete and the Participant(s) shall be disqualified  from participating further in the Auditions. The Channel /Company  shall be free at any point of time  to contact  and /or communicate with the Participant (s)  for availing any  additional  information and/or to verify any details as provided in relation to Auditions and/or the Entry  and the Participant (s)  shall unconditionally  facilitate the same. Any incomplete Entry and /or Entries with incorrect format, additional and/or inadequate personal information, invalid email id, Audition Video (s)  not in the required format  as prescribed herein or which consist of content  which  is offensive  or abusive or blasphemous or copied  will be considered invalid, shall be considered null and void  and will be disqualified from participating in the Auditions

Entries received after the Audition Period will not be considered for the Auditions and shall be deemed null and void. The Company shall not be responsible for any Entries submitted, whether correctly or not, but not received due to any reason whatsoever

The Participant shall ensure that the Audition Video as provided, participation in subsequent rounds of auditions and /or participation in the Program by the selected Participants shall not be obscene, vulgar, defamatory, nor have any racial and/or religious connotations.

By providing and submitting the information on the Website , the Participant hereby waives all privacy rights and/or any other rights including but not limited to proprietary rights, copyrights, etc. and/or any privacy expectations that the Participant may have with respect to the use of the information furnished by the Participant  in any manner. SIPL / Producer may use the information for sending out commercial information and/or for other commercial, publicity or promotional purposes and the Participant shall not raise any objection against the same

By virtue of registration, the Participant hereby agrees to the following conditions and undertakes as follows:

The Participant is competent to contract and does not suffer from any disqualification and/or such other infirmity which may cause the contract to be void or voidable at the option of the Participant

The Participant confirms that he/she is an adult and is entitled to enter into a valid agreement. The Participant acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen at his/her free-will to participate in the Auditions and is willing to bear all risks, costs & consequences arising from such participation in the Audition and/or the Show

The Participant represents that he/she is medically fit and is not suffering from any ailment / disease (including without limitation heart ailment, blood pressure, mental illness, psychological problems, depression, final stages of pregnancy, and/or any other health problems, etc.). It shall be the sole responsibility of the Participants to be medically fit for participation in the Audition and the Program. The Participant represents that the Participant does not have any present or past psychological problems. If in the past he/she has / had any psychological problems and/or physical challenges and/or disability of any nature whatsoever and/or have been under medication for any psychological, anxiety, hypertension, depression and/or any other medical problems the same has been disclosed to SIPL and /or Producer in writing along with a copy of the certificate from a qualified and certified medical practitioner declaring him/her to be fit for participation in the Audition and/or the Program. In event the Participant has any medical problem and /or fails to disclose the same and /or it is identified at a later stage during the Auditions and/or subsequent round of the Auditions and/or Program, then such Participant shall be disqualified with immediate effect

The Participant represents that he/she has not been accused or convicted or is otherwise involved in any criminal offence and/or is not under inquiry or trial by the police or judiciary which has not been disclosed to SIPL and /or Producer. That the Participant is not required to be present before any authority including police or any court of law for a term of twelve (12) months from the date of application and has no other disability which would prevent his/her participation in the Audition or the Show (if selected)

Employees of SIPL and/or their associate and affiliate companies/the respective sponsor(s) on SIPLnetwork Channels (of any language), producer as appointed by SIPL and/or their associate and affiliate companies, their relatives, friends, employees, will not be qualified for the participation in the Audition and requested not to register for the same

The registration does not guarantee the selection and/or participation of the Participant in the Audition and/or the Program and such selection including the selection criteria /process shall be as per the sole discretion of SIPL at all times. The Participant shall not and waives any right to question the selection/evaluation process, non-selection of the application and/or the selection of any other applicant/participant;

The number of Applicants/Participants who shall be finally selected for the Show shall be at the sole discretion of SIPL at all times and decision of SIPL shall be final and binding;

In the event of large number of registrations, the chance to be auditioned may be strictly on submission of the application on the first come first basis till closure of the Audition Closing hours. No further requests for Audition shall be entertained by SIPL. SIPL reserves its right to reduce / extend the Audition Period as per its discretion at any point of time. The Participant acknowledges, agrees and undertakes to abide at all times by all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions for this Audition as laid down herein and as determined from time to time by SIPL

SIPL shall have the sole discretion to discontinue/cancel the Audition and/or the Show at any point of time and the Participant shall not raise any claim due to such discontinuation or cancellation at anytime whatsoever

Taking part in the registration process shall be deemed to be consent by the Participant to receive promotional messages about the shows and programs of SIPL and messages relating to the Show from SIPL or any third party so authorized by SIPL. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that SIPL/ Channel do not charge any fees/charges for the purpose of registration/participation in the Audition through any Participation Mechanism and that the registration thereof is free of cost

In the event of any violation to the aforementioned terms and conditions or in case it comes to the knowledge of SIPL that the details submitted by the Participant in the application are not correct, the Participant may immediately be disqualified from being considered to be a Participant for the Auditions / participant in the Program and shall solely remain liable for any action (criminal/civil) arising therefrom. The Participants hereby agree to defend and fully indemnify SIPL, its affiliates, sponsors, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives from and against any claims that might arise from their actions or omissions or arising from any misrepresentation and/or concealment of material facts or breach of any representations, obligations and/or terms as stated herein

Bigg Boss Telugu Registration -


 Level 1:
Subject to the Participant(s) having made a valid Entry, all the Audition Video(s) fulfilling the criteria set out herein shall be viewed and rated by a panel comprising of the representatives of the Company and/ or the production house or its representatives, as selected and determined by the Company in its sole discretion. This panel shall rate the Audition  Video(s) on the basis of their personal back ground , overall personality  or any other criteria determined by the Company / in its sole discretion. The decision of the Company with regard to the composition of the panel shall be final and binding on the Participant(s).      The panel shall have the sole authority to judge and rate the Audition  Video(s) and their decision shall be final and binding on all Participants. Based on the evaluations of the Audition  Video(s) by the panel, the shortlisted Participants(s) shall be selected and eligible for Level 2

All Participant (s) selected and shortlisted for Level 2 shall be personally intimated about their selection vide an email  and /or through a phone call to the registered Id and number, as the Company may deem fit at its sole discretion, and the Participant shall be solely responsible for checking the same.

It is further clarified that, the Company is free and entitled to at its sole discretion  in any manner it may deem fit  , publish any of the Audition Video(s) of the Participant(s)  who have submitted valid  Entries  during the  Period on the Website in the mode and manner as stated hereinabove. These Audition  Videos may be published  on the Website or any other platform or  media  as deemed fit  by the  Company

 Level 2

Participant(s) shortlisted at Level 1 shall be required to be present on the day and time specified by the Company. The cost of travel and lodging of such Participant(s) shall be borne by the Participant himself/herself. If the Participant(s) fails to attend the Audition at the venue on the date and time as informed by the Company, the Entry of the Participant(s) will be deemed invalid.

The Participant(s) will be required to execute any and all legal documents as required by the Company including but not limited to submitting all the necessary documents and also furnish the documents as sought and as required by the Company, to verify the personal information  provided by the Participant(s) . Each of the selected Participant(s) shall be required to furnish the necessary documentation (as stated in the General Rules below) in original to confirm the eligibility details, etc.In case the said Participant(s) is unable to furnish the original document(s) to verify the eligibility details and also fails to submit self-affirmed photocopy of the same, the said Participant(s) shall be disqualified from the Auditions, based on the sole discretion of the Company.

The Participant(s) shall be interviewed and evaluated by a panel comprising of representatives of the Company and /or Channel , basis criteria and parameters as deemed fit by them at their   discretion.

The Company shall select the final Show Player(s) from amongst the Participant(s) and  the selected Show Player(s) shall be required to do the following : (i)make themselves available for all shoot dates and travel to any place for the shoot of the Program, as may be informed by the Company from time to time,(ii) reside in the House and abide by the format rules and terms and conditions as decided by the Company at its sole discretion, and (iii) be present at the Studio at the time and date communicated by the Company. The selected Show Player(s) must always be present at the House/studio at the time and date communicated by the Company. Being absent at the House/Studio at a time and place communicated to the Show Player may result in disqualification from the Auditions at the sole discretion of the Company.

Show Players agree and undertake to unconditionally execute such agreement and declarations and provide such additional documents, as sought by the Company in its sole discretion in respect of their participation in the program .

In case if the Participant is selected as a Show Player, then the Participant represents and undertakes that the Participant shall make himself / herself exclusively available for the entire duration of the Program, shoot of the Program including any additional days required for promotion / marketing activity and/or any other period as required by SIPL without any additional compensation for the same.

Irrespective of  whether the Participant (s) have been disqualified  and /or eliminated at  any  of the Levels  of the Auditions  and fail to proceed  further or if their Entries have been disqualified at any Levels of the Auditions , the  Company and /or the Channel  shall continue  to have the right to Exploit and /or publish  the  Audition Videos  submitted  by them as part of their Entries  on the Website  and /or any digital platforms owned by the Company worldwide in perpetuity.

For avoidance of doubt it is clarified that the final selection of the Show Players made by the Channel/Company shall be final and binding on all the Participant(s) and in no event shall the Participant(s) dispute the decision made by the Channel/Company or its employees in connection to the Auditions. For the sake of clarity, in the event of any fault, misunderstanding or dispute concerning any part of the Auditions and/or the Auditions to qualify for the Auditions/Program, the decision of the Company shall be final and binding.

Other Terms / General Rules

Participant(s) who have participated in singing based reality shows /programs and /or appeared /feature in  any  television programs (of any genre)or has entered into any contract or contractual arrangement including but not limited  to having signed any document or letter in respect of any such participation/appearance with  any third party/persons including but not limited to media  companies, production houses, broadcasting companies  in such reality shows  or featuring and /or  appearance , will need to mandatorily disclose the details of such prior participation. Company reserves the right to disqualify such Participant on such ground, based at its sole discretion

Each Participant shall have in his/her possession any or all of the valid and subsisting legal documents as mentioned below to prove his/her age and shall also provide necessary documents (as listed below) as proof of Name / address / nationality / citizenship:

Driving license;

Permanent Account Number (‘PAN’);

Aadhar Card;

Voters identity card;

School leaving certificate;

Birth certificate;

Ration card;


Mobile bill

any other document as may be required by SIPL from time to time.

The Participants agree that they will be required to submit all valid proofs of name/ age/ address/ nationality/citizenship and/or any other document as may be required by SIPL from time to time.

All representations, warranties, obligations, undertakings, terms and conditions  stated herein that apply to the Participant shall be deemed to be applicable and binding the Participant liable for any breach / non-compliance of the terms and conditions

SIPL reserves the right to include without limitation any additional rounds of Auditions, subsequent rounds of auditions in any form and manner, subsequent rounds/levels, theme/feature such as a wild card entry, viewer’s choice, public demand, etc. in the Audition process, and/or between any round/phase of the Auditions, including, introducing any wild card entry, that shall include any person/celebrity guest /public figure (whether Indian and/or international) etc. as a wild card entrant/participant in the House at any time during any stage of the Show. SIPL reserves all rights to increase or decrease the number of rounds/levels of the Audition at anytime at SIPL’ sole discretion and the Participant shall not have any right to object against the same and any such changes shall be deemed to be binding on all the Participants.

If for any reason the Auditions / subsequent rounds of auditions are not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, on the Website and/or issue /delay in transit and/or any other causes which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Auditions, SIPL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who may be responsible and/or who tampers with the entry /registration / Audition process, and to cancel, modify or terminate the Audition or any part of the Audition. Further, SIPL reserves the right to take legal action against such Participant who has committed a breach under the Cyber laws (Information Technology Act, 2000 including all its amendments thereof) and/or any other laws as may be applicable from time to time and SIPL shall be entitled to such remedies in law and/or equity as applicable and as stated herein.

SIPL shall not be held responsible in the case of a server shut-down or loss of Participant’s Audition Video / data due to any reason whatsoever.

Bigg Boss Telugu Registration -

SIPL shall not be responsible for any delay in receipt or non-receipt or incomplete receipt or corrupt receipt of Audition Video / other details of the Participant. SIPL shall not be responsible for any technical difficulties or data corruption that may arise during recording/upload of the Audition Video/content. Further, SIPL shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the Participants are unable to register their entry and participate in the Audition due to failure on part of the internet service provider, facility provider, etc. Shortlisted entries shall be intimated as per the contact details provided. SIPL does not accept any responsibility for any incorrect and/or incomplete communication detail provided and/or delay in receipt of communication and/or non-receipt of communication.

The Participants shall report to such venue as may be informed by SIPL at the date and time so mentioned and any delay in reporting shall automatically disqualify the Participant from participating in subsequent auditions.

The cost of travel and accommodation for attending the “Venue Auditions” (if any) at a place as informed by SIPL shall be borne solely by the selected Participants and SIPL shall not be liable for the same.

All Participants shall maintain the decorum of the audition venue (if any) and shall abide by the rules and regulations thereof. Further the instructions of SIPL shall be adhered to strictly. Any Participant who acts in contravention to the instructions of SIPL or creates nuisance in any manner shall immediately be disqualified from participating in the Auditions.

The Participants shall at all times make themselves aware of the selection process and all details regarding the Show which he/she might be informed of or which he/she might learn or come to know of as a Participant in the Audition or as a short listed potential Participant. The Participant shall at no time communicate to any third person or the media or give any interviews on his/her participation in the Audition or potential participation in the Show without prior written consent of SIPL.

SIPL reserves the right to change/ modify these terms and conditions and/ or criteria of the Audition, at any time at their sole discretion, without any prior notice and without assigning any reasons for the same. The Participants shall make themselves aware of any change in the terms and conditions/rules of the Audition by visiting the Website from time to time and the Participants shall be bound by any such revised /amended terms and conditions/amended rules. SIPL shall not be responsible or liable towards any Participant and/or any third party in relation to the same.

The decision of SIPL in connection with the Audition shall be final and binding and is non-contestable. In case of any dispute or difference in respect of this Audition, the decision of SIPL shall be final and binding on all concerned.

The selected Participants shall be intimated by SIPL directly. SIPL shall not entertain any questions, correspondence, and enquiries on the manner of conduct /evaluation and/or selection criteria of the Audition from any person /party whatsoever.

Apart from the prospective entitlement to be part of the television reality show “Bigg Boss  - 2” subject to selection and written intimation by SIPL to such selected Participant(s) (as decided by SIPL as per its sole discretion), the Participant/selected participant or his/her legal heirs will have no other rights or claims against SIPL, the Producer and their respective /affiliates/sponsors, etc. Further, SIPL has the sole, unfettered and absolute discretion to select for participation in the Program and that SIPL’s decision in this regard is final and absolute. The selection criteria indicated herein is indicative and SIPL retains absolute right and discretion to decide on the issue of final selection and entry into the Program.

SIPL shall not be liable for any loss, injury, mental/psychological issues like anxiety, depression, stress etc. or even death caused to the Participant during his/her participation in the Audition and/or the Program.

SIPL will also not be liable for any loss of earnings, employment, opportunity and/or otherwise caused to the Participant and arising as a result of his/her participation in the audition or the Show, if selected.

The Participant understands that getting shortlisted in the Audition is only a preliminary steptowards participation in the Show and it shall be the absolute and sole discretion of SIPL and SIPL to allow participation based on creative requirements and the Participant acknowledges this right of SIPL without any dispute or claim. Even after final selection for the Show, SIPL shall have the absolute right to replace any of the Participants as per their discretion and creative requirement without any liability to any Participant / person/party whatsoever.

All Participants shall have to carry a copy of a document identifying him/her as the citizen of India or any other national and valid proof of his/her permanent and current address, age, nationality, etc. and such documents as may be required in order to be eligible to participate in the Audition and participation in the Show.

The Participants should  not be legally barred from traveling to any such places as may be required as a part of the participation in the Show nor should have any criminal records or such other issues hampering participation in the Show and undertakes to declare the same at the time of audition and participation in the Show, if selected, and hereby agrees that SIPL shall have sole authority at its discretion to disqualify any Participant from the audition or participation in the Show at any point of the Show.

All registrations shall be subject to completion of the procedures by the Participant as per instructions given by SIPL or the authorized representatives of SIPL. SIPL shall not be liable for any failure of receipt or incomplete registrations. The Participant shall retain the acknowledgment email/message and provide the same on demand at the Audition venue along with necessary identity documents and proof of age. SIPL may disallow entry to the Audition in the event the Participant is not able to provide/ produce the registration code, if any, duly completed registration form and/or the documents as required by SIPL. On verification, if any of these documents are not found to be in order, the participation of the Participant in the Audition or the Show may be terminated immediately by SIPL without any liability.

Apart from the registrations, SIPL may at its discretion provide a chance for entry to the Audition for unregistered people also including but not limited to foreign nationals, celebrities from the film industry (India /international), famous personalities (from India /international) provided all the terms and conditions are duly complied with.

Participation in this Audition implies acceptance, without protest, of all the rules set forth by SIPL for the Audition and the Terms and Conditions herein contained. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the Participant irrespective of such participation leading to final selection or not, constitutes permission for SIPL, and its affiliates to click photographs, record videos of the Participant and use the Participant’s name including sobriquet, photographs, images, likeness, voice, audio-video, comments/remarks/bytes for advertising and promotional purposes in and through any mode, media, format, medium for worldwide territory for purposes of advertising and trade without any compensation whatsoever.

On request of SIPL, the Participant shall also make arrangements for SIPL to have access to his/her residence, work place, favorite hangouts, pets, etc. and obtain necessary permissions from his/her parents, siblings, friends, colleagues to be photographed, interviewed, to record comments, bytes and to record and/or click their photographs, videos, etc. as required  by SIPL.

Any photographs, Audition Videos, audio visual recordings, audio / video clips, performance executed (including audio and video), musical recordings (audio and video), content, materials, audio / video clips, bytes, etc. provided/uploaded/ submitted by the Participants on the Website and/or otherwise (‘Content’) shall upon creation /submission be deemed to have been assigned exclusively, in perpetuity, and throughout the entire world, in favor of SIPL and shall become the property of SIPL and accordingly all intellectual property rights including copyrights as per the Copyright Act, 1957 and/or any other equivalent provision thereof under applicable laws, in the Content shall vest with SIPL and SIPL shall have unfettered exploitation rights in and to the Content, through any and all modes and medium of exploitation, throughout the world in perpetuity.  The Participant expressly agrees to his /her subsequent audition and participation at any stage including in the Program (if selected) being recorded and telecast as a part of the Program and/or for promotion of the Program and/or on a stand-alone basis, as required by SIPL (“Recording”) and all the rights (including intellectual property rights) in and to such Recording shall be deemed to have been assigned exclusively, in perpetuity, and throughout the entire world, in favor of SIPL. The Participant hereby grants to the Channel and SIPL/its affiliates/group companies etc., the unfettered right to exploit exclusively and in perpetuity, throughout the universe, the Content and /or Recording, and its derivatives thereof and/ or any part thereof, through any and all means including but not limited to the right to use the Participant’s name, photographs, likeness, voice, audio –visual / videos, photographs, videos, audition videos, Content, Recording, etc. provided/submitted as aforesaid to SIPL and/or recorded by SIPL / Producer during the Audition/ subsequent auditions /Program  through all media including without limitation television, radio, print, mobile, internet and/or any other such media, technology in existence, whether now known or devised in the future, from time to time, for unlimited transmission in perpetuity for the territory of entire world, as the Channel/SIPL, may deem fit. SIPL shall not be obliged to exploit the Content /Recording (if made), into the final version of the Program. The Participant agrees that on submission/creation of the Content, all intellectual property rights including copyrights in the Content/Recording shall vest with SIPL and shall be available to SIPL for exploitation through any and all modes, mediums, platforms, throughout the world in perpetuity. The Participant hereby agrees that SIPL shall have complete, unfettered and exclusive exploitation rights in and to the Content /Recording and have all the rights to exploit, edit, integrate other content with Content/Recording, distribute, exhibit, sell, transfer, license, sub-license, monetize and exploit the Content/Recording on various platforms and through various format, modes, media including but not limited to satellite, internet, digital, cable, wireless networks (Wireless LANs, WIFI, Broadband) WAP, imode any other modes of wired or wireless distribution or exploitation via radio frequencies etc. whether circuit switched or packet switched. These shall include linear transmission or re-transmission of Content /Recording via terrestrial, satellite television, MMDS,SMATV, DTH, IPTV, HITS, SSL, XDSL, DBS, cable television, mobile technologies, internet etc. streaming through internet / broadband / IPTV/ WAP/ iMode / other Mobile Technologies, digital TV (including DBV-H, DBV-T etc.), all forms of on demand (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, NVOD, PPV etc.) whether free or pay & shall include Free TV & Pay TV and shall also include all forms of non-linear transmission/exploitation including through web, internet, IPTV, mobile, applications, etc. Interactive multimedia, clips, Home Video Rental & Sell Through (including DVD, Compact Disc, Laser Disc, Blue Ray Discs, Video Compact Disc, Video Cassette,Videograms, embodying in any manner in any storage medium, VHS and such other rights), Download to Own, Download to Rent, commercial video, Internet multimedia, communication to public within aircrafts, Railways, Ships, boats, vessels, surface transport and hotel and commercial establishment rights and also include modes, media and formats of exploitation: (i) in existence now, (ii) in existence now but not in commercial use on the date of execution hereof, and (iii) as may be developed in future.

SIPL shall not be obliged to exploit the Content recording (if made) into the final version of the Program. The Participant agrees and acknowledges that SIPL has exclusive creative prerogative in respect of the Program  and the nature and manner of editing of the Program shall be as per the sole creative discretion of SIPL including all rights to edit/modify the Content and integrate other content /materials with the Content/Recording for the purpose of exploiting the Content and/or for creating promos for marketing and promotional purposes.

The Participant shall does not and shall not have any right to receive or claim any remuneration/compensation, fees at anytime whatsoever, towards the usage /exploitation of the Content / Recording by SIPL and/or any party authorized by SIPL and further the Participant hereby irrevocably grants and assigns to SIPL, free and clear of any and all claims, all of the Participant’s rights and interests in such Content / Recording exclusively and in perpetuity, throughout the world, and in all media, now or later known or devised.

SIPL/ Producer reserves the right to disqualify the Participant immediately from the Auditions, subsequent rounds of auditions, Program if the Participant has supplied untruthful, inaccurate or misleading details and/or information, of any nature, have failed to abide by the terms and conditions/rules and/or is in breach of the terms hereof.

The Participant agrees and accepts that he/she shall not appear or participate in any other shows, programs and/or serials and/or make any public performances during the telecast of the Audition, subsequent rounds of audition and/or the Program without the prior written permission of SIPL, if he/she is selected as a participant in the Program. The Participant agrees that in the event of breach of any undertakings herein, SIPL shall be entitled to pursue such legal action as it may deem fit and necessary to mitigate any harm and loss which may be caused to it.

In event the Participant’s application entry submitted by him/her, as per terms stated herein is selected  by SIPL and the Participant is contacted to attend the subsequent round/s of auditions,  the cost of travel to reach the location of the audition, subsequent auditions, rehearsals venue, location of shoot of the Program, etc. including the hotel, accommodation, costumes, make-up, VISA cost (if applicable), other personal expenses  and/or any other expenses of any nature, shall be borne solely by the Participant  for himself /herself and his/her companion (if any), and no monies will be reimbursed to the Participant nor can any monies be claimed by him/her from SIPL and/or the Producer at anytime.

The Participant hereby represents and warrants that he/she will comply with all the terms and conditions stated herein including without limitation all rules, regulations, policies as communicated by SIPL, and/or its parent, subsidiary, and affiliate companies in relation to the Auditions, subsequent rounds of audition and the Show.  In the event of any violation to the aforementioned, the Participant may immediately be disqualified from taking part in the Auditions and shall solely remain liable for any action (criminal/civil) arising therefrom.

Under no circumstance, shall SIPL and/or their directors, employees, officers, affiliates or subsidiaries, be liable to the Participant and/or any third party for any lost profits or lost opportunity, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages whatsoever. The Participant specifically agrees not to file in person/through any family member and/or any third party any applications, criminal and/or civil proceedings in any courts or forum in India against SIPL and/or their directors, employees, officers, affiliates or subsidiaries to claim any damages or relief in connection with the Audition/Show.

The Participant grants SIPL irrevocable consent in perpetuity to the use his/ her name, photographs including sobriquet, video, audio visual  tape taken during the Audition, in any and all applications including but not limited to advertising, commercials, promotion, stories, text, articles and commercial exploitation, in any and all mode, media, forms, including but not limited to radio, broadcast and television, newspapers and magazines, internet and mobile, and/or any mode and form of exploitation whether now existing or devised in future, at any time without the Participants further knowledge or consent.

The Participants hereby agree and undertake that they shall not accept or undertake to accept or give or undertake to give, either directly or indirectly, any gifts, commission or other favor, of any kind whatsoever, to facilitate their winning the Audition. Any knowledge of such an act shall lead to immediate disqualification of such Participants and SIPL shall be entitled to take any and all action(s) against such Participants, as deemed fit by it.

The Participants hereby agrees and undertakes to be responsible for his/her acts, omissions, conduct, negligence, any and all actions during the Auditions, subsequent round of Auditions and during the Program (if selected) and hereby agree to, fully defend, indemnify and hold harmless SIPL and its affiliates, partners, sponsors, producer/ production company as appointed by SIPL, contractors and  each of their respective employees, officers, directors and agents from and against any claim, loss, liability, damages, cost (including legal costs) of any person, firm or corporation, including, without limitation, legal fees, arising out of any breach by the Participant of any representations, misrepresentations or concealment of material facts and/or the Participant’s actions or omissions while participating in the Audition or the Show and/or breach of any terms of this agreement, warranty, performance and/or any of the terms and conditions as stated herein or in event if any of SIPL’s rights get affected in any manner whatsoever. In the event of any claim, the Participant will promptly adjust, settle, defend or otherwise dispose of such claim at its sole cost.  If the Participant is not diligently and continuously pursuing this matter, SIPL may take such action on behalf of itself and/ or as attorney for the Participant, to adjust, settle, defend or otherwise dispose of such claim, in which case the Participant shall, reimburse SIPL for any costs and penalties incurred thereof or such other indemnity in the amount thereof. In addition to the above indemnities by the Participant, the Participant waives any right of inspection or approval of or, in and to any Audition Video /content and/or video shoot and/or recording and exploitation of the same by SIPL in any manner whatsoever. The Participant also agrees to fully indemnify SIPL, its directors, representatives, employees, agents, parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, group companies, etc. if there is any claim/dispute/damage (of any nature whatsoever) raised in connection with the Participant’s contribution/participation in the Audition /audio/video shoot and the Participant undertakes and warrants to resolve the same without involving SIPL in any manner whatsoever.

The grant of rights, representations, warranties, indemnities given by the Participant  and the Participant’s confidentiality obligations contained herein and any such provision that is intended to survive and/or by its very nature should survive, shall survive the expiration of the term as contained herein.

The terms and conditions shall be governed, interpreted by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and the Courts of Mumbai, India shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any suit or other proceeding arising out of or based upon this terms and conditions.

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