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High Fever Vote, Missed Call Nos, SMS Voting Ways

High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar &TV aired reality show is judge by Ahmed Kha, Lara Dutta and Dana Alexa. The Show is an Unique Jodi based Show where Contestants Performs and now its Public Voting Started. The Elimination in the Show going to happen based on the Votes you have given to any Person. Here is How to do Online Voting and SMS and Missed Call Numbers Voting.


Welcome to the voting page of High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar. Voting lines for Saturday’s episode open every Saturday at 9:30 pm and close at 10:30 am the next day. Voting lines for Sunday’s episode open every Sunday at 9:30 pm and close at 10:30 am the next day. You can cast 100 votes for your favorite dancing jodi and you can also vote more than one jodi. Keep watching High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar, every Sat – Sun, 9:30 pm only on &TV.

High Fever Vote - Online - Missed Call - SMS Voting

Here are the 3 different ways you can do Online Voting for High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar Contestants. See How to do Missed Call Voting, SMS Voting and Online Voting on andtv website.

Company’s Website Voting Entry –

To submit the Voting Entry via the Company’s Website, the Voter shall be required to log onto website being and click on the page/online form/post created for casting votes and submit his / her Voting Entry for his/her preferred/favorite Jodi(s), by filling on the necessary personal information on the first page of the Website more particularly his/her name, city , mobile number, email address   (collectively to be referred as “Personal Information”) and click on “submit” button. Once the Voter has successfully submitted the Personal Information of the first page, the Voter shall be directed to the second page of the Voting Platforms whereby the Voter shall be required to vote for his/her preferred/favorite Jodi(s). Once the Voter has selected one Jodi, the Voter shall be required to click on the “submit” button and submit the Voting Entry on the Company’s Website Voting Platform. Upon successful submission on the Voting Entry, the may see an acknowledgement message stating “Thanks for your vote.

Missed Call Voting Entry:a. To submit the Voting Entry, the Participant shall be required to give missed call on the unique numbers given below for each Jodi(s) from the Start Date and Start Time (as defined below) continuing till End Date and End Time(as defined below) during the Activity Period..

b. The unique missed call number for each Jodi for the purpose of submitting Voting Entries are as follows:
Sr. No.Jodi NameMissed Call Number
1Ashish Rutuja0 72 404 666 81
2Tara Nisha0 72 404 666 82
3Akash Suraj0 72  404 666 83
4Neha Kantika0 72 404 666 84
5Tron Brothers0 72 404 666 85
6Tejas Anshul0 72 404 666 86
7Faizan Likhit0 72 404 666 87
8Saurabh Vibhuti0 72 404 666 88
9Anushka Gaurav0 72 404 666 89

Short Messaging Services (SMS) Entry: The Company shall provide every Jodi(s) eligible to participate in the Program with a unique Jodi Code for the purpose of receiving votes which are as mentioned below. The interested Voter shall be required to send a message by typing “Jodi Code” using short messaging service from the Voter’s registered mobile number (from any network service provider providing telecom services in particular territory) to SMS Code from the Start Date (as defined below) continuing till End Date (as defined below).

Sr. No.Jodi NameJodi Codes
1Ashish RutujaANR
2Tara NishaTNN
3Akash SurajANS
4Neha KantikaNNK
5Tron BrothersTRO
6Tejas AnshulTNA
7Faizan LikhitFNL
8Saurabh VibhutiSNV
9Anushka GauravANG 

Do Support to your favorite High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar Jodi Contestants. Vote using Missed Call Numbers, SMS or mechanism. Here we mentioned 3 Ways you can Vote and Support your favorite Contestants. Do Voting and Support your favorite one.

Please read the Terms and Conditions mentioned here before online voting.

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Hi Ahmed sir may Bangladesh say bol raha hoon mujhe Faijan Likhit ka dance bohot achcha lagta hay...Likhit ak chota bachcha hokar jistarah say dance karta hay mujhe nehi lagta ki or koi iss tarah say dance kar payega....

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Tejas and Anshul Ko my vote